Gone too far! Plastic surgery on Joyce Meyer

I hear
Her talking about spiritual maturity this morning.
I see
She's talking about spiritual maturity this morning
with droopy lips, 
especially her left side. 

I don't get it.
She mentions her big Christian smile.
How much plastic surgery can one have before they can no longer smile?
Spiritual maturity and a Christian smile. 
I've never listened to this woman.
Only saw her while flipping channels.
I was flipping channels the other day.
I flipped right by her and then returned.
Not to listen to what she had to say
but rather
to look at her face.
I was amazed. 
Was this the same woman I had skipped past all these years?
Is this the same woman that loves peace and God and preaching the word?
She has to have the power of God to live. 
Has God been telling her to have this surgery?
To change the face she was born with?
The face God originally gave her?
Has he changed his mind about her baby face?
Has he changed his mind about her adult face?
Has God told Joyce Meyer to get all of this plastic surgery?
Or is this her "free will" at work 
he is laughing his ass off?

Lavished with plastic surgery.
When total strangers notice your face has  changed form, it's time to reflect.
I did a little reading on Joyce after I noticed her facial deformity.
It seems she's been into plastic surgery for years. 
Where have I been?
Where can I get a definition of spiritual maturity?
Where does having numerous surgical procedures done on my face fit into 
spiritual maturity?
I don't get it.
But this might explain it.  
for only $30
she will explain to you:
8 ways to live peacefully 
it will only cost you only $30. 
by calling 1800 727 9673
send her money now
send her your money now
and she will take it
right to the bank.
your money is now in her bank account
not yours.

I have a secondary title idea:
Peacefully Plastic 
Peacefully Plastic Pug
Peacefully Plastic Pockets
(lined with your dollars, thank you very much.)

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